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Welcome to   BIG T's SEPTIC


Big T's Septic service and pumping specializes in Tank pumping, Drainline cleaning, Grease pumping,  and Real Estate inspections.  Our service covers

Blount, Knox and Loudon counties.

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BIG T's SEPTIC Service is a locally owned business committed to providing outstanding customer service at reasonable prices.

The BIG T. (Big TROY), will take pride in the work and it shows!  He will pump, clean and empty your septic tank properly

to keep it working as efficiently as possible for years to come, with mimimal damage to your lawn or home.

All waste from your tank is disposed of legally at a licensed waste water facility. Troy has years of experience

in the septic maintenance field.  He is experienced in all aspects of onsite waste water maintenance and can

    answer any questions you may have when servicing your septic tank.

Thanks for trusting in BIG T's SEPTIC service

Septic tanks are one of those things that everyone forgets about…until they malfunction.  Then they quickly become the center of attention.  Proper   maintenance is the key  when it comes to septic tanks.  Take care of them properly and they will take care of you.



1.    Be smart; don’t delay any regular upkeep and perform routine maintenance when it comes to your septic tank.  There isn’t a septic tank problem in the world that gets better with time.  If you are beginning to get that feeling that everything might not be quite up to par with your septic tank, call Troy at Bit T's Septic.  



2.   Get routine inspections don't let a problem or an issue get out-of-hand and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are not going to wake up to a disaster.



3.   So how often should you get your septic tank pumped?  That is going to depend on many variables, but the rule-of-thumb is 1-3 years for a 3-bedroom house.  When deciding how often you should pump your tank you should take into consideration: how many people live in your home, the size of your tank and other living habits, like do you routinely use a garbage disposal to rid your kitchen of food waste?  If you do, you are dumping 50% more solid waste down your drain and into your septic tank than people who scrape off food into the trash first.  Big T's recomends that you DO NOT use your disposal as often.



4.   One mistake that many people make is that they direct outdoor drainage systems toward the septic tank.  You do not want to do this.  The goal is to keep as little water as possible out of the septic tank.  By directing natural runoffs and flows to your septic tank, you are asking for trouble.   If you are worried about soil erosion in your drain field, planting grass can help out a lot.  Make sure that you keep trees at least 100 feet away from your tank as well; their roots can cause severe damage to the tank.



5.   Your toilet is not a garbage can, everything that goes down it will end up in your septic tank and if it is something not compatible with your system, that action can quickly become one expensive mistake.



Following these basic tips will make your septic system last longer and work as efficiently as possible.

Preventing problems is the Key.

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